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Welcome to our website.  This website is in no way affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, The Laurel Highlands Council, or any other official BSA entity.  It is owned and run by volunteers with the sole purpose of disseminating information about events in our district and to be a one stop shop for various BSA forms and sites.  It is the volunteers who are  responsible for the content posted here.  We follow all YPT rules and will not post any personal information, including names, of any Scout who is under 18. 
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Forms and Documents

Adult Recognition
  Cub Scout Den Leader Award
  Cub Scouter Award
  Cubmaster Award
  District Award of Merit Application
  District Committee Key
  Pack Trainer Award
  Roundtable Commissoner Key Arowhead Honor Award
  Roundtable Staff Award
  Scoutmaster Award of Merit
  Scoutmaster Key
  Silver Beaver Application
  Tiger Cub Den Leader Award
  Unit Commissioner Key Progress Award
  Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard
  Varsity Scout Leader Progress for the Coach's Key and Varsity Scout Leader Training Award
  Venturing Advisor Award of Merit
  Venturing Leader Progress Award
  Venturing Leadership Award for Youth and Adults
  Webelos Den Leader Award
  Wood Badge Pocket Card
  Young American Award
  2016 Mon Valley Merit Badge University
  2017 Merit Badge Counselor Information
  2018 MBU Class Rosters
  2018 MBU Permission slip and medical
  2019 MBU Permission Slip
  2019 MBU Prereqiosites
  Application for BSA Lifegaurd
  Counselor Training
  Cub Scout World Conservation award
  Eagle Project Suggestions
  GPC Merit Badge Counselor Agreement
  Historic Trails Award and 50 Miler Award
  Merit Badge University 2011
  PA Fish and Boat Commission Conservation Award
  PA Forestry Conservation Award
  Pa Game Commission Conservation Award
  Unit Advancement Report
  William T Hornaday Award
  World Conservation Award
Boy Scout Informatiion
  2010 Swim Meet
  2010 Swim Meet Events
  2011 Cal U Camporee
  2015 MBU
  20th MBU Counselor Flyer
  20th Mon Valley Merit Badge University Counselor Information
  First Class Tracking Sheet
  Individual Boy Scout Record
  John Wayne Scout Law
  Troop Meeting Plan
  Troop Resource Record
Cub Scout Information
  Cub Fall Funday 2011
  Cub Scout Attendance and Dues
  Cub Scout Den Meeting Program
  Cub Scout Den Record
  Den Advancement Report
  Family Cub Scout pack Camping Site Approval Guidelines
  Individual Cub Scout record
  Individual Tiger Cub Record
  Mon Valley Cub Pack Information
  National Den Award
  National Summertime Pack Award
  Pack Overnight Checklist
  Pack Overnighter Approval Form
  Packk Meeting Planning Sheet
  Tiger Cub Attendance and Dues
  Tiger Cub Den Advancement Record
  Tiger Cub Den Meeting Program
  Tiger Cub Den Record
  Webelos Den Meeting program
  Webelos Den Record
  Webelos Overnight Checklist
Day Camp
  Day Camp Medical form
  Day Camp Registration Form
Eagle Scout Information
  2011 Mon Valley Life to Eagle Guide
  2012 Mon Valley District Eagle Guide
  Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges
  Completed Project Book with Application
  Duplicate Eagle Scout/NESA Credentials
  Eagle Application 2009
  Eagle Palm Application
  Eagle Project Book Sample
  Eagle Project Workbook
  Eagle Scout Service Project Guidelines
  Life to Eagle Seminar
  Life to Eagle Seminar Presentation 11-9-2013
  National Eagle Scout Association Application
  National Eagle Scout Schlorship Application
  NESA eagle Trail Information
  Parents Guide for Life to Eagle
  Texas A & M Aggie Eagle Program
General Information
  2011 Swim Meet Information
  2018 Prereqs
  Campfire Program Planner
  Centenial Quality Award Award
  International Camp Staff Application
  Meeting Place Inspection Form
  New District Professional Staff
  New Unit Application
  Pack Commissioner Worksheet
  Transfer Form
  Troop Commissioner Worksheet
  Unit Commissioner Worksheet Boy Scout
  Unit Commissioner Worksheet Cub Scout
  Unit Money Earning Application
  What is a Boy Scout?
GPC Forms
  GPC Form page
Medical Forms
  Accident and Sickness Claim Form
  Adult Request for Religious Exemption From Medical Care and Treatment
  Annual Health and Medical Record
  Heritage Medical Screening form
  Youth Request for Exemption From Medical Care and Treatment
Tour Permits
  Local Tour Permits PDF
  National Tour Permit
Uniform Inspection Sheets
  Adult Leaders
  Boy Scout and Varsity Scouts
  Cub and Webelos
Web Release Form
  Adult Web Release Form
  Unit Web Release Form
Eagle Scout Information
  2013 Mon Valley Life to Eagle Book

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